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CKA Programs 2015-2016


The goal of our comprehensive Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is to prepare our students for Kindergarten!  Here is a list of just some of the amazing things that your pre-kindergartener should be able to do by the end of the school year:

  1. Be able to write first name with first letter upper case and remaining letters lower case.
  2. Identify most capital and lowercase letters.
  3. Develop understanding and practice proper letter formation.
  4. Use appropriate three-finger grasp when using writing instruments (pencils, crayons and scissors)
  5. Count to at least thirty and tells what number comes before or after a given number to 20.
  6. Identify basic geometric shapes 
  7. Know basic colors 
  8. Identify numerals 1-10 in random order.
  9. Development of understanding of letter/sound correspondence.
  10. Knows concepts of print (front and back of book, which page comes first, track words left to right).
  11. Be able to rhyme words.
  12. Retells simple stories in sequence.
  13. Increase sight word vocabulary.

Socially Your child should be able to...
  1. Adjust own clothing before and after using restroom.
  2. Use restroom independently including washing hands without reminder.
  3. Take off and put on outer clothing
  4. Sit for a story for 5-10 minutes
  5. Clean up after themselves
  6. Shares materials and toys with other children.
  7. Attend school with a positive attitude
  8. Be confident and ready to separate from parent.
  9. Be able to listen and follow 2-3 step directions.
  10. Be able to solve problems without aggression.
  11. Be able to interact with peers appropriately.


       3 & 4 Year-Old Class

  1. Identify self with first and last name
  2. Letter recognition
  3. Number recognition
  4. Counting to 20 and beyond.
  5. Fine motor skill development and basic introduction to letter formation.
  6. Basic shapes
  7. Basic colors
  8. Social and interpersonal skills
  9. Learning through hand-on meaningful activities (songs, dance, dramatic play, literary experiences)
  10. Arts and Crafts
  11. Following directions and simple classroom rules.
  12. Continuing to learn how to appropriately interact with peers.
  13. Able to work cooperatively with peers.
  14. Able to sit quietly and listen to story.
  15. Able to retell and provide details about a story.

      2 & 3 Year-Old Class

  1. Learning to appropriately interact with peers.
  2. Identify self with first name.
  3. Learning through hand-on meaningful activities (songs, dance, dramatic play, literary experiences)
  4. Basic shapes
  5. Basic colors
  6. Able to sing the alphabet
  7. Counting to 10 and beyond
  8. Arts and crafts
  9. Learning to share and cooperate with others.
  10. Learning how to follow simple directions and rules
  11. Following a routine
  12. Listening and interacting with a story